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Botox® contains a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which has been proven to remove facial wrinkles but also has other therapeutic applications. Botox® works by blocking the signal to the muscle from the nerve therefore relaxing the skin and reducing the creases/fine lines and wrinkles. The injection only takes a few minutes to do and requires no downtime or recovery period. It's a great alternative to surgery and can deliver results similar to facelifts.

•  Helps patients look youthful and rejuvenated
•  It's a non-surgical cosmetic procedure
•  Also used for improving nose shape, migraine management, eye twitching, muscle spasms in the neck, drooling, and excessive sweating.


Are you tired of looking tired all time because of those vertical lines between your eyebrows? Dysport® works in many areas of the face but it's best for lessening or eliminating the Glabellar lines or the dreaded "11" lines between the eyebrows. It prevents the formation of new wrinkles by temporarily freezing the facial muscles and muscle activity.

•  Contains lower protein concentration and spreads more evenly across the area to be treated
•  It's a non-surgical cosmetic procedure
•  No side effects and downtime - you only need to worry about mild redness and swelling
•  It prevents future wrinkles

Botox Injection

Dermal Fillers are used to provide volume. As we age we lose bone mass as well as experience the displacement of fat pads. These two physiological changes create the  common signs of aging such as hollowness under the eyes, jowling, and recessment of facial structures. Fillers can be used to replace lost volume as well as to enhance an area with less natural volume. Common areas for filler use are the cheeks, chin, lips, and jawline.


•  Fills nasolabial folds and contour your jawline or chin
•  Lessens the hollowed areas under your eyes
•  Lifts the drooping corners of your mouth, as well as the droop of your nose

•  Restore the youthful “triangle” shape of your face
•  Smoothes out facial lines and wrinkles



Dermal Fillers

It’s the use of a chemical solution on the skin that causes it to exfoliate. This reveals a fresh, young, and vibrant layer of skin underneath to take its place. Deep chemical peel treatments are often done in a series and combined with other facial treatments to maximize their effectiveness and fix uneven skin tone and damaged skin.


•  Peels are low-risk and can be customized 
•  It can end acne and soften the scars
•  It can get rid of under-eye circles

•  It can make your skin care products work better - it doesn't only make your skin better, it also makes your products react better to your skin


Chemical Peels

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